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Leaf Flowers plant
sprout tuber sliced tuber


  • Origin & Breeding: bred from the cross (Saskia x 92/456) at the breeding station of Nordostbayerischer Saatbauverband, Marktredwitz (Germany) in 1959.
  • Year registered in Canada: 1997
  • Registration number: 4573
  • Maturity: medium early

Botanical Features

  • Plants: medium tall, spreading, open, deeply sunk-in top; wings prominent, waved.
  • Leaves: light green, medium large.
    Leaflets: broadly ovate, smooth, wavy margins.
  • Flowers: few, small white corolla; flower bud slightly pigmented; peduncle short to medium, purple mottled.
  • Tubers: oval to oblong; smooth to netted ochre skin; shallow eyes; yellow flesh.
  • Sprouts: ovoid to cylindrical; base slightly pubescent, weakly pigmented of red-purple; apex very weakly pigmented.

Agricultural Features

Medium high yielding variety; excellent storability; medium high dry matter. Moderately susceptible to internal defects, highly resistant to injuries.

  • Utilization: mostly firm cooking texture; good for boiling and baking.
  • Chief Market: fresh market

Reaction to Diseases

Resistant: race 1 of potato wart.
Good resistance: PVA, early blight.
Moderately susceptible: common scab, leaf late blight.
Highly susceptible: PVY.

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