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Leaf Flowers Plant
Sprout Tuber Sliced tuber


  • Origin & Breeding: bred by Agriculture Canada from the cross (Hudson x F59103) made in 1976 at the Fredericton Research Station, New Brunswick, and selected by the Potato Breeding Program, La Pocatière, Québec.
  • Registration in Canada: deregistered
  • Maturity: mid-season

Botanical Features

  • Plants: tall, semi-erect, very vigorous; stems long and thick, prominently angled; nodes slightly swollen; wings very prominent, thin, slightly wavy.
  • Leaves: closed; dark green with very weak pubescence on upper side, light green-yellow with medium pubescence on lower side.
    Terminal leaflets: elliptic; tip cuspidate; rounded base.
    Primary leaflets: four pairs, elliptic; tip cuspidate; rounded base, asymmetrical.
    Secondary leaflets: four pairs, rounder than primary leaflets.
    Tertiary leaflets: numerous (7), small.
  • Flowers: abundant; pale violet corolla with green-yellow star; buds slightly pubescent, hanging.
  • Tubers: round to oval, medium uniformity; smooth buff skin; shallow to medium deep eyes, well distributed; white flesh.
  • Sprouts: rounded, purple to brown.

Agricultural Features

High to very high yielding variety; produces tubers of high calibre; good resistance to greening; wash well; medium dormancy; good storability; low specific gravity. Well adapted to Quebec and New Brunswick growing conditions.

REMARK: whole seed tuber produce 12 to 15 stems per plant and must be planted at wider spacing on the row.

  • Utilization: good boiling quality, good for chipping at harvest, acceptable for baking and french frying.
  • Chief Market: fresh market.

Reaction to Diseases

Resistant: northern root-knot nematodes.
Moderately resistant: PVY, common scab, potato wart.

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