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Leaf Flowers Plant
Sprout Tuber Sliced tuber


  • Origin & Breeding: bred by Agriculture Canada from the cross (834C(29) x F4823) and selected at the Fredericton Research Station, New Brunswick, in 1952.
  • Garden variety
  • Registration in Canada: exempted
  • Maturity: mid-season to late.

Botanical Features

  • Plants: medium sized to large, stiff, slightly branching, erect; upper stems slightly purple; nodes not swollen.
  • Leaves: close, medium green, wrinkled, slightly pubescent.
    Terminal leaflets: large, ovate; tip acuminate; base lobed, asymmetrical.
    Primary leaflets: narrowly ovate, four pairs.
    Secondary and tertiary leaflets: many.
  • Flowers: numerous, purple; cream coloured buds having purple bases; long purplish peduncles.
  • Tubers: uniform size, elliptical, medium thick; smooth dark creamy buff skin; shallow eyes; white flesh.
  • Sprouts: moderate purplish pink.

Agricultural Features

Medium yield, attractive appearance, sets tubers early; resistant to skinning, bruising, and shattering; stores very well. High specific gravity.

  • Utilization: excellent for boiling and baking, not acceptable for chipping and french frying.

Reaction to Diseases

Field immunity: viruses A and X.
Very resistant: fusarium dry rot (Fusarium sambucinum), late blight, verticillium wilt.
Some resistance: black leg.
Susceptible: common scab, fusarium dry rot (Fusarium coeruleum), leaf roll, seed-piece decay, virus Y.

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