Dakota Pearl

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Leaf Flowers Plant
Sprout Tubers


  • Origin & Breeding: bred by from the cross (ND1118-1 x ND944-6) made at North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota (USA) in 1984. Released in 1999.
  • Year registered in Canada: 2001
  • Registration number: 5298
  • Maturity: mid-season

Botanical Features

  • Plants: medium, semi-erect, vigorous; stems weakly pigmented; wings moderately prominent, straight single; slightly swollen nodes, not pigmented.
  • Leaves: yellowish to olive green; semi-open; midribs and petioles not pigmented.
    Terminal leaflets: narrow to medium ovate; tip acute; base obtuse to cordate and moderately asymmetrical; medium wavy margins.
    Primary leaflets: five pairs; narrowly ovate; tip acute; cordate base, strongly asymmetrical.
  • Flowers: highly numerous; medium to large white corolla, moderately prominent star; orange anther; flower bud not pigmented; peduncle weakly pigmented.
  • Tubers: round; smooth light yellow skin; medium deep eyes, predominantly apical; slightly prominent eyebrows; cream colored flesh.
  • Sprouts: spherical; base strongly pubescent, medium red-violet pigmentation; apex moderately pubescent and weakly pigmented.

Agricultural Features

Medium to high yielding variety that produce uniformly round tubers of attractive appearance. It has shown very good resistance to blackspot bruises during trials. Excellent chipping quality even after long-term storage at 6°C.

  • Utilization: good for boiling and baking; excellent for chipping.
  • Chief Market: chipping.

Reaction to Diseases

Good resistance: common scab.

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