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Leaf Flowers Plant
Sprout Tuber Sliced tuber


  • Origin & Breeding: bred by Agriculture Canada at the Fredericton Research Station, New Brunswick, from the cross (Redskin x Scoff 2774-3R) and selected at the Experimental Farm at Scott, Saskatchewan, in 1963.
  • Garden Variety
  • Registration in Canada: exempt
  • Maturity: early to mid-season

Botanical Features

  • Plants: moderately large, upright, spreading at maturity; stems thick, slightly hollow in upper half of plant, solid in basal half, green with reddish purple pigmentation; nodes slightly swollen; internodes short; wings not prominent.
  • Leaves: close, large, drooping, moderate to grayish olive green, slightly pubescent.
    Terminal leaflets: ovate; asymmetrical; base lobed.
    Primary leaflets: ovate, asymmetrical; base lobed; three to four pairs, opposite and sometimes alternate.
    Secondary leaflets: base cordate; four to five pairs, opposite and alternate.
    Tertiary leaflets: numerous; base cordate; alternate or opposite.
  • Flowers: few, light purple with lighter purple tips.
  • Tubers: round-oblong, moderately large, uniform; smooth bright red skin; medium-deep eyes darker red than the skin; creamy white flesh.
  • Sprouts: purplish red.

Agricultural Features

High yielding; attractive appearance. Tuber size varies with moisture availability. Spacing plants 24 cm apart will help prevent oversizing when tubers are grown under irrigation. High total solids.

  • Utilization: good for boiling, baking, and french frying; poor for chipping.

Reaction to Diseases

Resistant: verticillium wilt.
Susceptible: leaf roll, late blight, PVY.

NOTE: not highly susceptible to any of the common diseases.

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