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Leaf Flowers Plant
Sprout Sliced tuber Tubers


  • Origin & Breeding: grown in British Columbia for over 90 years. Research indicates that the variety might have been introduced to early settlers and natives by Russian fur traders. The exact origin, parental lines or breeding techniques used in its development are not known.
  • Year registered in Canada: 1990
  • Registration number: 3277
  • Maturity: late

Botanical Features

  • Plants: small to medium; spreading; stems uniform light green colour, few in number; wavy wings.
  • Leaves: small; dark green on upper surface, light yellowish green on lower surface; closed; midribs pigmented in leaflets axils; petioles not pigmented.
    Terminal leaflets: ovate; apex acuminate; base truncate and symmetrical.
    Primary leaflets: four to five pairs; very long petiolules; ovate; apex acuminate to cuspidate; base truncate to cordate and very slightly asymmetrical.
    Secondary and tertiary leaflets: highly numerous; on the petiolules and midrib.
  • Flowers: large lavender corolla with white tips; shape very distinctive: petals fused resulting in almost round flowers; yellow-orange anthers; buds not pigmented; rare berry production.
  • Tubers: banana-shaped; small; smooth, light yellow skin; shallow eyes; uniform pale yellow flesh.
  • Sprouts: conical; base yellowish green, slightly pubescent; apex pink.

Agricultural Features

Yellow fleshed fingerling type potato with a high tuber set of 15 to 20 small tubers per plant. Low yielding variety; medium dormancy period; good storability; medium specific gravity.

  • Utilization: semi-mealy texture; very good for boiling, baking and frying; excellent salad potato.
  • Chief Market: specialty tablestock; home gardens.

Reaction to Diseases

Moderately resistant: common scab.
Moderately susceptible: verticillium wilt.
Susceptible: late blight, leaf roll, PVX, PVY.

NOTE: rarely shows symptoms of leaf roll or mosaic.

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