AC Blue Pride

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Leaf Flowers Plant
Sprout tuber Sliced tuber


  • Origin & Breeding: bred by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Center in St. John's, Newfoundland, from the cross (N713-16 x N889-78-3). Released in 1994.
  • Year registered in Canada: 1997
  • Registration No.: 4576
  • Maturity: mid-season

Botanical Features

  • Plants: medium size, erect, spreading at maturity; stems slightly pigmented, especially at base and in leaf axils; inconspicuous wings; nodes slightly swollen and slightly pigmented.
  • Leaves: medium green, dull, smooth, closed; midribs and petioles slightly pigmented.
    Terminal leaflets: ovate; tip cuspidate; base slightly asymmetrical.
    Primary leaflets: three pairs; ovate.
    Secondary and tertiary leaflets: numerous.
  • Flowers: frequent; white corolla, medium sized; yellow anthers; green buds; long calyx lobes, slightly hairy; medium berry production.
  • Tubers: oval to long; smooth blue purple skin; shallow eyes; white flesh, occasional coloration in vascular ring.
  • Sprouts: purple; scattered long basal hairs.

Agricultural Features

Medium high yielding variety; excellent storability, long dormancy period; medium specific gravity.

Remark: susceptible to post emergence application of the herbicide metribuzin.

  • Utilization: none to some after cooking discolouration; good for boiling.
  • Chief Market: fresh market.

Reaction to Diseases

Resistant: potato wart (race 2, 8).
Moderately susceptible: rhizoctonia, leaf roll, common scab.
Susceptible: potato cyst nematode.

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