Questions and Answers for the Seed Potato Tuber Quality Management Program (SPTQMP) for Seed Potato Tuber Inspection

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What is the SPTQMP for seed potato tuber inspection?

Under the SPTQMP, seed potato growers or their designated representatives conduct their own shipping-point tuber inspections for their domestic shipments. More than 130 seed potato operations in Canada are currently shipping seed domestically under the SPTQMP. Participation in the SPTQMP offers seed potato growers more flexibility as they no longer have to wait for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to inspect their shipments and issue associated documentation prior to shipping their product within Canada. Critical issues such as timeliness and costs associated with delays and overtime can be effectively addressed.

Is the SPTQMP mandatory?

No, the SPTQMP remains voluntary for domestic shipments of seed potatoes. 

What is the CFIA's role in the SPTQMP?

The CFIA provides oversight of the program and audits each participating grower to ensure the requirements of the program are correctly implemented.

Does the SPTQMP cover all seed potato tuber inspections?

No, the CFIA provides shipping-point tuber inspections and phytosanitary certification for all export markets, including the United States. In addition, the CFIA issues all required documentation for domestic shipments of non-registered varieties.

If a grower does not want to participate in the SPTQMP, does the CFIA conduct shipping-point tuber inspections?

Yes, the CFIA continues to provide shipping point inspections and issuance of documentation for all growers who are not participating in the voluntary program.

Will the CFIA continue to provide shipping-point tuber inspections for seed potato shipments for export to the United States?

Yes, the CFIA continues to conduct shipping-point inspections and certifications for all seed potato shipments intended for export to the U.S., ensuring that exported Canadian seed potatoes are fully compliant with all U.S. Federal and State phytosanitary import requirements. The CFIA will continue to conduct these inspections and certifications until the U.S. and Canada implement a mutually acceptable alternative process for certification of seed potato shipments exported to the U.S.

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