Facilities approved under the Emerald Ash Borer Approved Facilities Compliance Program

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The following is a list of all CFIA-approved facilities under the Emerald Ash Borer Approved Facility Compliance Program (EABAFCP). The EABAFCP is designed to help mitigate the spread of EAB in Canada. It is a voluntary, audit-based program focused on facilitating domestic movement and importation of regulated articles from the continental United States. Consult the policy directive D-03-08 or with your local CFIA office to determine whether this program is suitable to your specific facility.


Facilities approved in Ontario under the Emerald Ash Borer Approved Facilities Compliance Program
Facility Name Registration number Approved Period of Registration Address Telephone Commodities produced
Albert Larocque Lumber Ltd EAB-ON-00036 Annual 3051 Route 34, Hawkesbury, ON,
K6A 2R8
613-632-8521 lumber
B.E. Grein Lumber Ltd. EAB-ON-00006 Annual 982 Elora Street South, Hwy #9, Clifford,
N0G 1M0
519-327-8782 lumber
Calibre Sales EAB-ON-00008 Annual 8162 Keele Street, Concord,
L4K 2A5
905-660-3603 x 248 firewood (non ash)
Cherry Forest / Barco EAB-ON-00009 Annual 24 Kerr Crescent R.R. 3, Guelph,
N1H 6H9
519-763-1466 lumber
Erie Flooring and Wood Products EAB-ON-00014 Annual 1191 Jane Street, West Lorne,
N0L 2P0
519-768-1200 lumber flooring
Furtado Farms Cookwood EAB-ON-00034 Annual 1333 Gerber Road, Wellesley, ON
N0B 2T0
519-588-1291 firewood (non ash)
J.H. Keeso & Sons Ltd. EAB-ON-00018 Annual 8474 R.R. 1, Listowel,
N4W 3G6
519-291-4890 lumber, non ash slabwood
Porter Lumber EAB-ON-00024 Annual 1441 St. Johns Side Road, Port Dover,
N0A 1N1
519-583-2788 lumber
Porter Lumber EAB-ON-00024 October 1 - March 31 1441 St. Johns Side Road, Port Dover,
N0A 1N1
519-583-2788 logs
Scotts Canada EAB-ON-00033 Annual 91 Highway 59, Delhi,
N4B 2W5
519-582-3330 mulch
Thompsons Hardwoods EAB-ON-00030 Annual 9017 Widdler Road. R.R. 3, Thedford
N5P 3S6
519-296-4760 lumber, slabwood (non ash)
Townsend Lumber Inc. EAB-ON-00031 Annual 1249-50 Jackson Side Road, Tillsonburg,
N4G 4G7
519-842-7381 or 519-842-9467 lumber
Gordon Food Services EAB-ON-00035 Annual 2999 James Snow Parkway, Milton, ON, L9T 5G4 905-864-3700 ext. 3621 Firewood (non-ash)
Bauman Sawmill Inc. EAB-ON-00037 Annual 6426 Yatton Sideroad, Wallenstein, ON
N0B 2S0
519-669-3844 ash cants


Facilities approved in Quebec under the Emerald Ash Borer Approved Facilities Compliance Program
Facility Name Registration number Approved Period of Registration Address Telephone Commodities produced
AD. Bernier Inc. EAB-QC-00008 October 1 - March 31 229, 2e avenue, Lambton
G0M 1H0
418-486-7461 lumber
Amex Bois Franc Inc. EAB-QC-00001 October 1 - March 31 2515 avenue Vallée, Plessisville
G6L 2Y7
819-362-8307 lumber
Bois Acer EAB-QC-00021 October 1 - March 31 612 Rte 243 Mansonville, QC
J01 1X0
450-292-3490 Logs and lumber, mill
Bois Péladeau Inc. EAB-QC-00010 Annual 137 boulevard Bellerose Ouest
H7K 3B5
450-667-6950 lumber
Caux et Frères Inc. EAB-QC-00019 Annual 208 Robinson, St-Eustache, QC
J7R 5S5
450-623-9325 lumber
Les Bois Saxby Inc. EAB-QC-00006 October 1 - March 31 8751, boulevard Bourque, Sherbrooke,
J1N 0G2
819-864-1661 lumber, mill
Les Planchers Mercier Inc. EAB-QC-00002 October 1 - March 31 1125 rue Rocheleau, Drummondville
J2C 6L8
819-472-1670 lumber flooring, mill and kiln
Produits Forestiers St-Armand Inc. EAB-QC-00009 Annual 1435, Chemin St-Armand, St-Armand
J0J 1T0
450-248-4334 lumber, mill and kiln
Vexco Inc. EAB-QC-00004 October 1 - March 31 289, road 165 south, PO Box 95, Plessisville,
G6L 2Y6
819-362-3233 lumber
Charbonneau Floral ltée EAB-QC-00011 Annual 500 rue Principale, Laval
H7X 1C6
450-689-0246, ext. 221 firewood
Arctic Glacier Canada Inc. EAB-QC-00012 Annual 2655 Reading, Montreal
H3K 1P6
514-935-5730, ext. 234 firewood
L'Environnement du Nord ltée EAB-QC-00013 Annual 4 Ch. Mont-Rolland
QC J8A 3E3
450-563-3139 firewood
Multibois F.L. Inc. EAB-QC-00014 October 1 - March 31 4640 rue Laflèche
Lac Mégantic
, QC
G6B 0A2
819-544-9249 lumber
Primewood Lumber Inc. EAB-QC-00015 October 1 - March 31 1150 Labonté, Drummondville, QC
J2C 5Y4
819-478-7721 lumber
Domtar (Usine de Windsor) EAB-QC-00016 October 1 - March 31 609 Rang 12, Windsor QC
J1S 2L9
819-845-2771 pulp and paper
BRQ Fibres et Broyures EAB-QC-00017 October 1 - March 31 8850 boulevard Parent, Trois- Rivières QC
G9A 5E1
819-701-1410 Wood chips and wood fibre
JM Champeau Inc. EAB-QC-00018 October 1 - March 31 491 Route 253, St Malo, QC
J0B 2Y0
819-658-2244 lumber, mill and kiln
J.W. Goodfellow Produits Forestiers inc. EAB-QC-00022 Annual 544, Rue Barr Hemmingford, QC J0L 1H0 450-247-2775 lumber
Gerald Legault EAB-QC-00023 Annual CP 14, Sainte-Agathe des Monts, QC, J8C 3A1 819-326-5530 Firewood
Bois Laurentides inc. EAB-QC-00024 October 1 - March 31 320 et 360 rue Marquis, St-Célestin, QC, J0C 1G0 819-229-3666 HT treatment
Raymonde Dupuis EAB-QC-00025 Annual 2944 Rang St-Jacques, St-Jacques, QC, J0K 2R0 450-839-2764 Firewood
Fernand Dupuis EAB-QC-00026 Annual 1202 Montée Hamilton, Ste-Julienne, QC, J0K 2T0 450-839-2243 Firewood
Penny's BBQ Essentials EAB-QC-00027 Annual 83, Wilbrod, Châteauguay, QC, J6K 5C6 514-833-1823 Firewood
Multibois F.L. Inc. (Woburn site) EAB-QC-00014 October 1 - March 31 800, rue Grondin, Woburn, QC, G0Y 1R0 819-544-9249 Mill/Lumber
Scierie West Brome EAB-QC-00028 Annual 15 Chemin West Brome, West Brome, QC J0E 2P0 450-226-1480 Mill and kiln
La Butte à bois Inc. EAB-QC-00029 Annual 3400, boul. des Ruisseaux, Mont-Laurier, QC, J4L 3G6 819-623-5204 Firewood
Tafisa EAB-QC-00030 1er octobre - 31 mars 4660, rue Villeneuve, Lac Mégantic, QC,
G6B 2C3
819-583-3014 #330 Particles board
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