Notice to Industry - REGAL program: Alternative Service Delivery for Testing of Grain Exports

August 3, 2017 - Ottawa, ON - The Government of Canada is committed to supporting and promoting Canadian grain exports, which are expected to keep increasing. In order to provide industry with more options to access and serve international markets, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is launching a program that will allow exporters to have their grain shipments tested by authorized laboratories instead of inspected by the CFIA. This program will be known as REGAL (Recognition of Export Grain Analysis by Authorized Laboratories) and will build on the successful arrangement for weed seed testing of canary seed exports to Mexico.

Participation in the REGAL program will be voluntary and is expected to begin in fall 2017.

These authorized laboratories will be Canadian and either accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 or authorized under the Seed Laboratory Accreditation and Audit Protocol (Seed LAAP) Program.

Under the REGAL program:

  • Industry members exporting grain crops of all kinds to India and China will have the option to have their shipments tested by authorized laboratories.
  • A similar arrangement will be launched with a single company exporting grain by rail to Mexico.
  • Authorized laboratories will test grain shipments for weed seeds, soil and/or live insects as determined by the importing country.
  • Exporters will continue to be responsible for submitting a request to CFIA for a phytosanitary certificate at least 10 days before the grain is shipped. Exporters that choose an authorized laboratory will be responsible for submitting laboratory test results along with their application for phytosanitary certification to the CFIA.
  • The CFIA will continue to offer grain export inspections during the program.

Depending on the results of the REGAL program, the CFIA may seek to authorize laboratories to test grain samples for export shipments to additional countries.

REGAL is also in alignment with a partnership initiative between CFIA and the Canadian Grain Commission designed to improve operational efficiencies and service delivery to the grain industry at port locations.

This program relates only to testing grain samples. It does not affect sample collection or the decisions and time required for the CFIA to issue phytosanitary certificates once testing is completed. The CFIA will continue to be the sole entity responsible for issuing phytosanitary certificates for all grain export shipments.

Industry will be engaged throughout the process, and will have an opportunity to provide feedback.

For more information about this initiative, please contact the CFIA by email at:

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