Requirements for Wood Packaging Material to Australia

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In November 2009, the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) posted revised import requirements pertaining to the entry of wood packaging entering Australia. In summary, the revised Australian requirements for wood packaging material are as follows:

  • Australia no longer requires a "Newly Manufactured Plywood Declaration" for packaging material made of plywood/veneer. This is effective immediately. Documents presented that include the Newly Manufactured plywood/veneer packaging declaration will still continue to be accepted. Also, there is no longer a specific treatment requirement for plywood/veneer packaging that has been in service.

Please Note AQIS will monitor the risks associated with packaging material made of plywood/veneer through periodic targeted surveillance to verify that the plywood is free of pests. To avoid delays in entry, exporters should inspect plywood prior to its export.

  • For packaging made from or composed of wood: the wood must be bark free (without any bark) and must be treated and marked in accordance with ISPM No. 15 (i.e. as per the conditions of directive D-01-05, Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program);
  • The wood packaging must be accompanied by a written declaration verifying that the wood packaging complies with the above import requirements.

Further details regarding the import requirements may be obtained by contacting a local office of the CFIA.

The information contained in this Notice is correct at the date of posting. If you have any further questions regarding wood packaging moving from Canada, please contact a local office of the CFIA.

Originally issued January 11, 2010 (Notice to Industry)

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