Scope of the Memorandum Respecting the Inspection of Chinese Low Acid Canned Vegetables Exported Into Canada

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October 2014

This table shows vegetables and examples
Description For Example
1. Asparagus (Spears, Tip, Cuts) Asparagus Spears, Other Canned Asparagus
2. Mushrooms (whole, sliced, pieces and stems) Po-Ku, Straw, Bailing, Oyster, Button, Asefetida, Nameko, Hericium Crimacens, Flammulima Velutipes, Canther Ellus, Cibarius, Shitaki, etc.
3. Sweet Corn Sweet Corn, Young Corn, etc.
4. Mixed Vegetables
5. Cucumber
6. Bamboo Shoots Bamboo Shoots, Braised Bamboo Shoots, Winter Bamboo Shoots, Slender Bamboo Shoots, etc.
7. Water Chestnuts
8. Green Peas
9. Broad Bean
10. Green Beans
11. Lettuce
12. Chestnuts
13. Bean Sprouts
14. Carrots
15. Lotus Root
16. Leek
17. Taro Leaves or tuber
18. Burdock
19. White Flower Beans
20. Black Flower Beans
21. Kidney Beans
22. Sweet Potatoes
23. Yams
24. Artichoke
25. Pumpkin
26. Beets
27. Peppers
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