Annex H – Statement of Compliance for Printers of Packaging Materials and Labels Bearing the Meat Inspection Legend and Manufacturers of Stamps Bearing the Meat Inspection Legend

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I, space (name), space (Title) request permission on behalf of
space (Printing Company name)
space (address - street, city, province, postal code), to reproduce the Meat Inspection Legend.

I understand that:

  • the Meat Inspection Legend is a national trade mark and that unauthorized use of that national trade mark is subject to prosecution under section 21 of the Meat Inspection Act;
  • I shall deliver exclusively to establishments registered under the Meat Inspection Act, to the attention of the Veterinarian/Inspector in Charge, all labels, containers and other items bearing the meat inspection legend;
  • in the case of export stickers, stamps and export stamps they will be delivered directly to the appropriate Area Director General unless there is a specific agreement to deliver them directly to the Veterinarian/Inspector in Charge; and
  • that the permission for the above firm to reproduce the meat inspection legend may be withdrawn for non-compliance with the prescribed Meat Inspection Act; and
  • I shall inform the CFIA if I change my company's name, my address, or if I close the printing company listed above.

Please check as applicable which of the following product(s) you will be manufacturing:

  • Printers (legend reproduced on labels, containers, packaging material, etc.)
  • Breast Tags
  • Export Stickers
  • Export Stamps
  • Other Stamps (metal, needle)


Name and Title


Please return to:

Centre of Administration - Regulatory Permissions and Registration
1050 Courtneypark Drive East
Mississauga ON L5T 2R4
Tel: 1-855-212-7695
Fax: 1-289-247-4068

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