Annex G – Authorization to Reproduce the Meat Inspection Legend

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Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0Y9

With reference to your request the following information pertains to the use and reproduction of the Meat Inspection Legend.

Section 4 of the Meat inspection Act establishes the Meat inspection Legend as a national trademark and Section 5 of the same Act establishes control over the use.

Unauthorized use of the Meat inspection Legend is subject to prosecution under Section 21 of the Meat Inspection Act.

Permission for the reproduction of the Meat Inspection Legend is given in trust to printers and labels and packaging materials for meat products and manufacturers of marking devices (i.e. stamps) following written agreement to comply with specified delivery conditions of these items.

Upon receipt of the duly completed application form provided, we will then add the name and address of your firm to our list of printers and packaging materials and labels and manufacturers of stamps authorized to reproduce the Meat Inspection Legend.

Yours sincerely,

Meat Programs Division

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