Chapter 18 – Compliance Verification System
18.8 List of Forms

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The table below lists all forms used during the completion and maintenance of verification tasks. Official documents described by this table can be accessed through your local CFIA inspector, veterinarian or CVS Coordinator.

Name of form Use Platform Form #
Verification task procedures Provides detailed procedures on how to perform each verification task. Microsoft Word Not applicable
Verification task comment submission form Used to submit proposals to create a new task or change the content or wording of an existing task. Desktop eForms CFIA/ACIA 5523
Establishment task profile Used by the inspector to assign verification tasks to an establishment. CVS Online Application Not applicable
Task tracking table Used by inspection staff in each establishment to track completion of the verification tasks. Excel Not applicable
Verification worksheet Used by the inspection staff to track verification results and daily presence and populates the information that appears on the Verification Report Desktop eForms CFIA/ACIA 5470
Annex A – CFIA reviewer checklist (of the "internal procedures for the CFIA staff processes of registration of an establishment, licensing of an operator and modifications to an existing establishment") Used by inspection staff for task 4.1.03 new HACCP plan reviews, function code changes, and other significant changes to the HACCP system. RDIMS Not Applicable
HACCP system verification worksheet Used by inspection staff to build the scope of the HACCP system verification (task 4.1.04) and to record the activities conducted to assess compliance. Adobe CFIA/ACIA 5522
Verification report Presented to the operator to communicate non-compliances not noted on an IR-CAR. Desktop eForms CFIA/ACIA 5470
Inspection Report - Corrective Action Request (IR-CAR) Issued to the operator each time a task assigned an Unacceptable level of compliance. Desktop eForms CFIA/ACIA 5472
Notice of an unacceptable action plan Issued as a notice to the operator when an Action Plan is not acceptable. Desktop eForms CFIA/ACIA 5472
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