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(Note: Example only, for establishment use.)

This Swine Information Document lists the information needed to be provided to the slaughter establishments for each lot of pigs shipped. The form asks for the following information:

checkbox Producer Number

checkbox Producer or Person in Charge Name

checkbox Name and Address of the Private Veterinary Clinic for the Last 6 Months

checkbox Premises: Land Location or Legal Address or Premise Identification Number

checkbox Barn Name, Tattoo Number and Number of Hogs

checkbox Comments

checkbox I attest that these pigs:

  • were produced in accordance with the standards of the CQA program;
  • are identified in accordance with the Health of Animals Regulations, Part XV- Animal Identification;
  • are healthy and have not tested positive for any condition that might render their meat unfit for human consumption;
  • did not receive any substances which might render their meat unfit for human consumption, the prescribed withdrawal period has been observed for any medication administered (including medicated feed), and
  • were produced in accordance with the requirements of the Canadian Ractopamine-Free Pork Certification.

checkbox Comments:

checkbox Printed Name and Signature of Producer or Person in Charge of the Barn and Date

checkbox Receiver's Signature at the Slaughter Plant

checkbox Delivery Date and Time

Sample form - Swine Information Document
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