China (People's Republic of China) - Annex D

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Weekly List of Export Certificates Issued for China

Applicant Establishment Number:

Contact Name:

Date From:

Contact E-mail:

Date To:

Certificate Number

Name of Product

Net Weight

Number of Pieces or Packages

Slaughter Plant Registration Number/Processing Plant Registration Number

Container Number

Seal Number

Port of Entry in China

Exporter Name/Consignor Name

Consignee Name and Address

Name of the signing Veterinarian

Date of Issue

Old Certificate Number being Replaced (if applicable) or Cancelled

Please contact to obtain an electronic copy of this annex and instructions on how to complete it.

Note: To be completed by the applicant. The applicant bears full responsibility for providing accurate and timely information. The shipments for which the required information is not provided to the Chinese authorities, will not be allowed entry into China.

Note: For "Slaughter Plant Registration Number/Processing Plant Registration Number", please provide only processing plant registration number. The "Container Number", must contain only numbers.

E-mail the electronic copy of Annex D to with cc to the applicant's inspector.

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