Food Additives that are Permitted to be added to Food Sold in Canada

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Food additives are regulated by Health Canada under the Food and Drug Regulations and associated Marketing Authorizations (MA). Additives that are permitted to be added to food sold in Canada and their maximum levels of use can be found in the Health Canada lists of permitted additives.

Requests to approve uses of food additives that are not currently permitted in Canada may be made to Health Canada using the food additive submission process. Refer to the Health Canada web page "Food Additives - Submission Preparation" for additional information.

Certain substances may be considered a processing aid and not a food additive. Health Canada's Policy for Differentiating Food Additives and Processing Aids provides guidance for determining whether a substance is a food additive or a processing aid in a given context of use. Please note that processing aids are not subject to mandatory pre-market approval however their use must be consistent with that of a processing aid and not that of a food additive.

A food prepared in Canada for export may contain additives not permitted in Canada if permitted in the importing country, the package is marked in distinct overprinting with the word "Export" and a certificate that the package and its contents do not contravene any known requirement of the law of the country to which it is or is about to be consigned has been issued in respect thereof in prescribed form and manner.

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