Thailand - Certification Requirements

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Last update: Feb 2, 2016

Acts and Regulations

Labelling (canned fishery products):

  • labelled and marked in the Thai language showing the common name food, registration number, name and address of manufacturer, date of manufacturing, net weight of content, and any additives used.

Requirements will be consistent with the 1997 Mutual Recognition Agreement between Canada and Thailand. The text of the agreement is available from the Government of Canada Web Archive which is maintained by Library and Archives Canada.

Tolerances or Guidelines

Mercury: 0.5 ppm
Arsenic: 2.0 ppm
Copper: 20.0 ppm
Lead: 1.0 ppm
Tin: 250.0 ppm
Tin (canned products): 100.0 ppm
*Aldrin: 0.1 ppm
*BHC: 0.5 ppm
*D.D.T.: 5.0 ppm
*Dieldrin: 0.3 ppm
*Endrin: 0.3 ppm
*Heptachlor, Heptachlor epoxide: 0.3 ppm
*Lindane: 0.5 ppm
*Malathion: 0.6 ppm
*Parathion: 0.2 ppm

(* in fish and fish products on a fresh weight basis)

Certification Requirements

Certificate of Origin and Hygiene (CFIA/ACIA 5003 (2002/05)).

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