Export Poultry to the United States of America

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TAHD- DSAT-IE-2012-6-1

Testing program for flocks considered to be primary breeders practising vaccination against S. Enteritidis

In order to maintain export eligibility, flocks that are subject to Pullorum testing under section 79.17 of the Health of Animals Regulations and who have been vaccinated against S. Enteritidis using a killed vaccine must implement the following procedures immediately:

  • Monthly environmental sampling by an accredited veterinarian consisting of 4 drag swabs per house and 2 nest/egg belt samples per house (if flock is in lay)
  • Samples are submitted by the accredited veterinarian to a provincial diagnostic laboratory currently performing testing on behalf of the CFIA Hatchery Program for full bacterial culture using the CFIA harmonized culture method for paratyphoid salmonella that has recently been finalized.
  • The operator must take the appropriate arrangements with the provincial laboratory to have all laboratory results returned to the district office supervising the operation.
  • Monthly environmental sampling is to continue for the life of the flock.

A positive finding for S. Pullorum, S. Gallinarum, S. Enteritidis, or S. Typhimurim (including the variant Typhimurium) renders the flock ineligible for export.

When a new flock is placed:

  • Place 350 marked sentinel birds within each flock if SE vaccination is practiced.
  • Vaccinate the balance of the flock with the killed vaccine as per the label.
  • Commence environmental sampling (4 drag swabs per house) at 2-4 weeks of age and continue on a monthly basis. When the flock enters the lay period 2 nest/egg belt samples per house must be taken in addition to the 4 drag swabs. This monthly sampling continues for the life of the flock.
  • Test 315 sentinel birds at 4 months of age with Pullorum antigen using either the Tube Agglutination Test (TAT) or the stained antigen rapid whole blood test.
    1. In the case of a positive or inconclusive test reaction, send up to 25 birds to the authorized laboratory for sacrifice and organ culture.
    2. When negative results are received, the sentinel birds may be vaccinated with the killed vaccine.
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