Sanitary Requirements for Export of Pet Food to Singapore
HA2786 (Amended 2016-04-07)

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  1. The pet food does not contain animal origin material derived from bovine (except for milk, milk products and tallow with a maximum of 0.15% of insoluble impurities.).
  2. Canada has been free of the following diseases according to the OIE criteria: rinderpest, and food-and-mouth disease for the last six months prior to the date of this certification.
  3. The pet food producing plant has been authorized and is supervised by the Canadian government.
  4. Packaging materials for:
    • Canned products are packaged in hermetically sealed containers - pouch.
    • All products are packaged in new packaging material.
  5. In the case of dried or semi-moist products, the above mentioned product has undergone heat treatment at minimum of:
    • Box 70 °C for at least 30 minutes
    • Box 75 °C for at least 5 minutes
    • Box 80 °C for at least 1 minute
    • Box 90 °C throughout the substance
  6. In the case of wet products (hermetically sealed container) the above mentioned product has been heated to a minimum Fo value of 3.0.
  7. All precautions have been taken to avoid contamination with pathogenic agents after treatment.
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