Sanitary Requirements for Export of Pet Food to Korea
HA 2777 (Amended 2016-03-04)

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  1. The product referred to above may be freely sold in Canada as dog and cat food.
  2. The pet food does not contain any material or ingredient derived from ruminants (except for milk and milk products, protein free tallow with maximum level of insoluble impurities of 0.15% in weight and gelatin made from hides).
  3. Canada is free of the following diseases according to OIE criteria: rinderpest, foot and mouth disease, contagious bovine pleuropneumonia, classical swine fever, swine vesicular disease and African swine fever.
  4. Raw materials of animal origin in the said product are of Canadian origin or have been legally imported into Canada from Australia, New Zealand or USA.
  5. The raw materials used in the production of the pet food were derived from animals presented for examination at slaughter and evaluated favourably for inclusion in pet food, and were slaughtered under standards existing in Canada.
  6. The producing plant has been authorized and is supervised by the Canadian government.
  7. Dry, semi-moist, and dehydrated pet food products were sufficiently processed to assure the destruction of harmful pathogens as demonstrated by the fact that finished products (except hermetically sealed containers) were routinely tested and found negative for Salmonella .
  8. Packaging materials:
    1. Canned products are packaged in hermetically sealed containers, pouches.
    2. All products are packaged in new packaging material and packaged ready for retail.
  9. In the case of pet food derived from poultry or poultry products, the pet food has been heat treated at its core temperature equivalent to or greater than the following conditions to ensure the destruction of avian influenza and Newcastle viruses (check appropriate selection):
    • Box 70 °C for at least 30 minutes
    • Box 75 °C for at least 5 minutes
    • Box 80 °C for at least 1 minute
    • Box 90 °C throughout the substance
  10. The above mentioned product has undergone all precautions to avoid recontamination with pathogenic agents after treatment.
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