Sanitary Requirements for Export of Porcine Dried Blood Products from Canada to Vietnam
HA 2347 (Amended 2015-09-10)

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  1. Canada is free from Foot-and-mouth disease, African swine fever, Classical swine fever, and Pseudorabies disease.
  2. Anthrax, and Tuberculosis diseases are not prevalent in Canada.
  3. The porcine blood was collected at slaughter plants that operate under CFIA inspection.
  4. The porcine blood was not mixed with any product of ruminant origin or with meals imported from other countries.
  5. The blood cells and plasma were obtained only form pigs originating in Canada and do not contain any ruminant ingredient.
  6. The processing establishment does not receive, store or process any ruminant material.
  7. The product is not fit for human consumption.
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