Sanitary requirements for export gelbone for technical use (for gelatine production for photography) from Canada to Japan
HA 2532 (January 24, 2010)

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  1. The product is exclusively composed of bone fragments after extracting edible tallow (gelbone).
  2. The product is exclusively of Canadian origin.
  3. The product is derived from animals that did not show any clinical signs of any infectious diseases as a result of the ante mortem inspection and passed post mortem inspection.
  4. The product:

    does not contain Specified Risk Material (SRMs) such as the head (except tongues and cheek meat), spinal cord, distal ileum (limited to a 2-meter portion from its junction with the caecum) and vertebral column (bone and related components such as dorsal root ganglia, except vertebrae of the tail) of cattle of all age (OTM and UTM);


    is processed by preventing contamination from them.

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