Sanitary Requirements for Export of Ruminant Raw Materials for the Production of Technological Coadjuvants for Food Industry from Canada to Italy
HA2663 Amended (2014-04-02)

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  1. the raw material comes from
    1. Animals which have been held in space to insert name of exporting countryFootnote 1 for at least three months prior to being slaughtered or from birth in the case that the animals are less than three months old.
    2. animals coming from farms where no cases of foot-and-mouth disease have occured within the last 12 months before consignment.
  2. has been obtained from animals
    1. which after the ante-post mortem health examination did not show any signs of lesions relative to contagious diseases and do not come from animals which have been put down to eradicate epizootic diseases
    2. from animals which after the ante and post mortem health inspection have been declared fit for human consumption
  3. has been placed in wet brine for at least 30 days
  4. was handled and packaged to prevent any contamination

The certificates posted on this page are available in Portable document format (PDF) format only to ensure compliance with the documentation requirements of the country receiving animals or animal products.

In some cases, certificates will be in English and / or another language without a corresponding French version. This is determined by the requirements of other countries and is outside of the control of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

These certificates are for information purposes only. If you are planning an export, please contact the Animal Health Offices in your area to verify that the certificate is valid, that it applies to your export,and that there are no disease outbreaks or other events that may cause exports to be suspended.

If you have difficulty obtaining any of these forms please contact the Animal Health Office in your area.

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