Sanitary requirements for export of hides and skins from Canada to Indonesia
HA 2483 (January 14, 2009)

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  1. The products originate:


  2. from a country free of Foot and mouth disease (FMD), Rinderpest and Lumpy skin disease (LSD) for at least 12 months prior to export)


    from a Foot and mouth disease (FMD) and/or Rinderpest and/or Lumpy skin disease (LSD) country and have been processed to ensure the destruction viruses with the procedures referred in the Terrestrial Animal Health Code of the OIE at article for FMD, articles and and for Rinderpest and/or were stored 40 days before shipment.

  3. The product come from establishments which are not placed under quarantine on account of anthrax control and from animals that have shown no sign of anthrax during ante and post mortem inspections.
  4. The necessary precautions have been taken after collecting or processing to avoid contact of the product with any potential source of pathogen.
  5. The containers and bags or packages used to carry this product must be cleaned and fumigated by standard chemicals.
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