Sanitary requirements for export of fish oil not intended for human consumption to be used as feed material or for purposes outside the feed chain, intended for dispatch to or for transit through the European Union
HA 2510 (Amended November 1, 2011)

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  • II.1 consists of fish oil that satisfies the health requirements below;
  • II.2 contains exclusively fish oil not intended for human consumption;
  • II.3 has been prepared and stored in a dedicated fish plant approved, validated and supervised by the competent authority in accordance with Article 24 of Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009;
  • II.4 has been prepared exclusively with the following animal by-products:
    • Either - animal by-products arising from the production of products intended for human consumption;
    • and/or - products of animal origin, or foodstuffs containing products of animal origin, which are no longer intended for human consumption for commercial reasons or due to problems of manufacturing or packaging defects or other defects from which no risk to public or animal health arise;
    • and/or - aquatic animals, and parts of such animals, except sea mammals, which did not show any signs of diseases communicable to humans or animals;
    • and/or - animal by-products from aquatic animals originating from plants or establishments manufacturing products for human consumption;
  • II.5 the fish oil:
    • (a) has been subjected to processing in accordance with Annex X, Chapter II, Section 3 of Regulation (EU) No 142/2011, in order to kill pathogenic agents;
    • (b) has not been in contact with other types of oils including rendered fats from any species of terrestrial animals, and
    • either (c) is packaged in new containers or in containers that have been cleaned and disinfected if necessary for the prevention of contamination and all precautions taken to prevent their contamination,
    • or (c) where bulk transport is intended, the pipe, pumps and bulk tanks and any other bulk container or bulk road tanker used in the transportation of the product from the manufacturing plant either directly on to the ship or into shore tanks or directly to plants have been inspected and found to be clean before use,
    • and (d) which bear labels indicating 'Not for human consumption'.
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