Sanitary requirements for export of treated bovine hides and skins for use in tanning to Argentina
HA 2207 (amended March 1, 2010)

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  1. Canada satisfies all the criteria of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) to be recognized as free from rinderpest, lumpy skin disease and foot-and-mouth disease.
  2. The animals from which the hides and skins have been obtained were either born, raised and lived in Canada or born, raised and lived in the United States, for at least 3 months before they were slaughtered. Animals imported from the United States have met the Canadian import conditions.
  3. The animals from which the hides and skins have been obtained were inspected under official control when slaughtered and showed no symptoms of serious transmissible disease during ante mortem inspection and no symptoms of anthrax during ante and post- mortem inspections.
  4. The product received treatment against significant external parasites.
  5. During processing, the hides and skins were cleaned and trimmed to remove excess meat, fat, tendons, soil, manure and other waste matter.
  6. The product does not come from animals slaughtered to control or eradicate diseases.
  7. The product is stored in clean facilities and transported in such a manner to prevent contamination after processing.
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