Farm visits in Alberta and Saskatchewan during the current bovine tuberculosis (bovine TB) investigation

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is currently conducting a bovine TB disease investigation in Alberta and Saskatchewan which requires restrictions on domestic animal movements and quarantines for potentially exposed farms.

These restrictions do not prevent routine visits from:

  • hunters
  • agricultural service companies (e.g. feed deliveries or building maintenance)
  • energy companies that are monitoring or servicing pipelines, drill sites or oil/gas wells.

Visitors to farms are encouraged to follow basic biosecurity precautions when visiting any farm and encouraged to review A Guide to Visiting Farms and Plant Nurseries.

The human health risk from bovine TB for visitors to farms in the investigation area or under quarantine is low. The Public Health Agency of Canada provides an overview of the human health risks, preventative actions and treatment of tuberculosis.

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