Voluntary Herd Certification Program

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The objective of the Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Voluntary Herd Certification Program is to provide owners with the opportunity to have their herds identified as elite with respect to CWD. Membership in the certification program provides assurances to potential purchasers of animals that a purchase from a herd with the same level has the same risk of being infected with CWD. The level of assurance of CWD freedom depends on the length of time the herd has been enrolled in the program. Any owner of elk or deer premises who agrees to comply with the provisions outlined in the CWD Voluntary Herd Certification Program may enroll.

There are six levels in the certification program, from the entry level, Level E, to the highest level, certified. A minimum of five years is necessary for an enrolled herd to reach the certified level.

As the national administrator of the program, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency makes a national list of enrolled herds and their status, updated quarterly.

Chronic Wasting Disease Voluntary Herd Certification – enrolled herds by province

Herds residing in a province/territory without a current program may enroll under the CWD Voluntary Herd Certification Program in Ontario by contacting the status assessor in Ontario at admin@scrapiecanada.ca or by calling 866-534-1302.

Please note: These tables are updated quarterly (March, June, September, December).


FarmProducerSpeciesStatusAs of annual
anniversary date
Stonewood Elk Ranch Limited Kelly and Trevor Farmer Elk Level B January 14, 2017


FarmProducerSpeciesStatusAs of annual
anniversary date
Herron Whitetails Donald Herron Whitetails Certified April 9, 2017
Lefler Deer Farm Sherwood Lefler Whitetails Certified April 22, 2017
Regal Elk Point Dale and Eric Robinson Elk Certified January 14, 2017
Ontario Whitetail Ranch Lloyd Lee Whitetails Certified March 21, 2017
Reindeer Way Station Steve Walasek Reindeer Level A March 27, 2017
Sherwood's Reindeer Farm Garth and Louise Sherwood Reindeer Certified May 30, 2017
Yurtland Red Deer Farms Erica Yurt Red Deer Certified March 5, 2017
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