Virginiamycin - MIB #63

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Date Revised: 2011-06

Approved Brands

  1. STAFAC 22 contains virginiamycin at 22 g/kg (Phibro Animal Health Corporation)
  2. STAFAC 44 contains virginiamycin at 44 g/kg (Phibro Animal Health Corporation)
  3. STAFAC 500 contains virginiamycin at 500 g/kg (Phibro Animal Health Corporation)
  4. VIRGINIAMYCIN 44 Premix contains virginiamycin at 44 g/kg (Bio Agri Mix LP)

Approved for use

In meal or pellet feed for broiler chickens and for swine.

Approved claims

For swine - Claim 1
For broiler chickens - Claim 2

Claim 1: As an aid in treatment and control of Swine Dysentery.

Level of Drug:

  1. 110 mg/kg (0.011%) of complete feed for 2 weeks.
  2. 55 mg/kg (0.0055%) of complete feed for the following 4 weeks.


  1. Feed 110 mg/kg medicated feed as the sole ration for the first 2 weeks of treatment. This must be followed by 55 mg/kg medicated feed for the next 4 weeks.
  2. Feed 55 mg/kg medicated feed as the sole ration for 4 weeks only after having fed 110 mg/kg medicated feed for 2 weeks.


  1. Compatible with Bentonite, Lignosol, Agri-Colloid or Pel-Aid when used as pellet binding agent. (Required only on Premix and Supplement Labels).
  2. This medicated feed will be effective only if both levels have been fed as prescribed.


If, after cessation of medication at 55 mg/kg, dysentery reoccurs, re-treat with above regimen.

Claim 2: As an aid in the prevention of Necrotic Enteritis in broiler chickens caused by Clostridium Perfringens susceptible to virginiamycin.

Level of Drug:

22 mg/kg (0.0022%) of complete feed.


Feed this medicated feed as the sole ration.


  1. Do not feed to birds producing eggs for human consumption.


  1. Do not feed to replacement or breeding chickens.
  2. Compatible with Bentonite, Lignosol Agri-Colloid or Pel-Aid, when used as pellet-binding agents. (Required only on Premix and Supplement Labels).

Accepted Compatibilities

Virginiamycin is compatible with the following drug/drug combinations. For details refer to the MIB as indicated.
Number Medicated ingredients For use in feed for
1. Semduramicin sodium (MIB #79) at 25 mg/kg in the complete feed Broiler chickens
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