Consultations on Proposed Regulatory and Policy Changes

The documents listed below are Animal Feed Division policy documents and proposed regulatory changes for online public consultation. Your comments or suggestions for any of these are welcome (please note the closing date for comments for each document).

Animal Feed Division policy documents and proposed regulatory changes posted for online public consultation
Number/SubjectClosing Date
Proposal – Contaminant Standards for Aflatoxins, Deoxynivalenol, Fumonisins, Ergot Alkaloids and Salmonella in Livestock Feeds 2017-09-22
Proposal – Maximum Chemical Contaminant Levels in Livestock Feeds 2017-09-22
Proposal – Maximum Nutrient Values in Beef and Dairy Cattle Feeds 2017-08-18
Proposal – Maximum Nutrient Values in Swine Feeds 2016-12-23
Proposal – Maximum Nutrient Values in Poultry (Chicken and Turkey) Feeds 2016-12-23
Proposal – Permissible Claims on Feed Labels 2016-07-15
Proposal – Veterinary Biologics in Feeds 2016-07-15
Proposal – Standards for Weed Seeds in Livestock Feeds 2016-07-15
Proposal – Required Nutrient Guarantees 2016-07-15
Feed Regulatory Renewal Consolidated Modernized Framework Proposal – November 2015 2016-04-08
Collective Terms on Feed Ingredient Labels – Regulatory Framework Proposal 2016-01-17
Feed Hazard Identification/Preventive Controls – Regulatory Framework Proposal 2014-07-25
Feed Ingredient Assessment and Authorization – Regulatory Framework Proposal 2013-12-20
Feed Labelling – Regulatory Framework Proposal 2013-12-20
Modernizing Canada's livestock feed regulations 2012-10-05
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