YouTube Terms of Use

We are committed to providing Canadians with timely information about our policies, programs, services and initiatives through CFIA Canada, our official YouTube account.

This Terms of Use explains what people can expect from us on YouTube. Currently we use English and French accounts to share information on food safety, plant health and animal health. These terms are reviewed periodically and may be amended at any time.

For more information on how the CFIA communicates across social media platforms, including how we carry out our legislative and policy obligations please refer to our Protocol for Official Communications Use of Social Media.

By participating and interacting on CFIA's YouTube account you are agreeing to these Terms of Use; therefore, ensure you keep up to date with our latest Terms of Use here.

In addition, by using YouTube, you are also indicating your understanding and acceptance of YouTube terms of service and YouTube community guidelines which govern your access and use of Youtube.

Availability and Content

Our YouTube account is primarily used as an alternative channel for posting information that is available on our website. Subject covered will relate to plant health, animal health, food safety along with the scientific and regulatory role of the agency.

Note: We are not responsible nor accountable should users not be able to access our information in the event that YouTube becomes unavailable.


We provide links to related content on our website when possible.

We sometimes provide links to non-Government of Canada websites, solely for the convenience of our subscribers. We are not responsible for the accuracy, currency, or reliability of the content of other websites, nor do we endorse the websites or their content.

Subscriptions and Subscribers

We subscribe to other government departments and agencies, international bodies, as well as organizations that relate to the CFIA's mission. Our decision to subscribe to a particular YouTube account does not imply endorsement of the account holder or its content.

We will not subscribe to individual users or commercial or political organizations.

The appearance of a Youtube user as a subscriber of our account does not imply endorsement by the CFIA.

Contact Information

For questions related to our use of YouTube, send an email to

For additional information about our policies, programs, services and initiatives, complete our online comments and feedback form.

For media enquiries, reporters are asked to refrain from submitting questions on YouTube and instead are encouraged to:

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